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Video released for "(There's No War On Christmas) When Christmas Is In Your Heart"

Check out the video we did for one of our brand new songs! The War on Christmas is over, if you want it!

It's a Mockers Christmas!

Yes, Virginia,(and everywhere else) the brand new Mockers double-a sided Christmas single, sure to warm you on those cold December days for years to come, is finally out! You can get it on our Bandcamp page either as a two track single (mp3 or burn your own cdr), or if you buy our Spanish EP there, the single is included as a bonus!  And of course, you can get it on iTunes or Amazon.

More Spanish airplay!

Another new song from our EP Men of La Mancha was played on the amazingly cool Spanish national radio show El Sótano De Radio 3. The whole show is great, but if you want to hear our new track "It Must Be Nice" fast forward to about 44 minutes in.

Great Review of Our Show in El Puerto de Santa Maria!

For you Spanish speakers--here's a great review we got for our show in El Puerto de Santa Maria. If you don't speak Spanish, then it's mola, guay, Google translate!

Mockers on Spanish National Radio!

A few days ago on Spanish National Radio 3 on the really cool program El Sótano de Radio 3 they played our version of Los Mockers (the '60's band from Uruguay) song "What A Life"--our version--"Que Vida"--is in Spanish (translation by Pepe Verde of the late great Protones)!) and is one of the tracks on our new EP, Men of La Mancha (we still have a few copies left, btw). Check out the whole show--it's great--but if you want to skip ahead, we're on about 49 minutes in--and after that you can hear the original in English!

"Republican Girl" Video Reviewed In The LA Times!

In case you missed it, here's our rave review in the LA Times! Oh, and the video just got over 10,000 views on YouTube. You like us, you REALLY like us!


Here are the dates:

3/21 Madrid (Wurlitzer Ballroom)
3/22 Tarragona (Sala Scumm)
3/23 Barcelona (Razzmatazz Pop Bar)
3/24 Granuja Rock Festival (Teruel)
3/25 Valladolid (Porta Caeli)
3/27 Algeciras (Salon de Actos Escuela Politecnica Superior)
3/28 Marbella (Premier)
3/29 Murcia (12 y medio)
3/30 Burgos (Coliseum)
3/31 Pedreguer -Alicante- (Rockodrom)

By the way, we were in MOJO again last month. Our song "Sheepwalking" (from the Holland Tunnel cd) was picked in MOJO's Readers Playlist at Number 6!


Tons of big news out here in Mocksville. The January issue of MOJO (in our opinion the best music mag out there) has just come out, and as part of a special feature on the 40th anniversary of Pet Sounds, the issue comes with a free CD dedicated to the "Genius of Brian Wilson." Amazingly enough, our version of "God Only Knows" is included in the cd, along with a few other bands you may have heard of, i.e. The Who, Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, Curt Boetcher, Barracudas, High Llamas, Apples in Stereo, etc. Yeah, to be honest, we're thrilled. So, if you're interested or curious, pick it up. Dylan (who else?), as you can see, is on the cover.

More big news: Jonathan Porcelli and JVP Productions are currently editing a documentary about us. Jonathan is best known as the producer of installation artist/photographer Spencer Tunick's documentary films, Naked States and Naked World. Jonathan has been following the band, camera in hand, through 3 years of our almost Almost Famous life, including two tours of Spain. From what Jonathan has told us, this ain't your run of the mill rock bio of destruction, dysfunction and disaster, as anyone who's met us would already know. Here's what he says, "This is a film is about four semi-normal guys, living semi-normal lives, playing music for the sheer love of playing, while knowing full well that stardom, whether super, semi or any, is highly unlikely. If it sounds depressing, it's not, it's exhilarating. The Mockers are doing what we all dream of doing--breaking out of that "quiet desperation"--if only for just an hour at a time, for a few weeks, every few years." The working title is The Mockers--15 Minutes of Spain. It should be out in the fall of 2007. You can check out some rough clips on their myspace page here:
Tell 'em we sent ya'!  


After a few delays, the great Japanese label Wizzard in Vinyl has released our latest album, The Lonesome Death of Electric Campfire. It's a special double cd edition that includes a bonus cd of demos, live tracks, alternate mixes, and an extra special new recording, our version of The Beach Boys' "God Only Knows" sung by our drummer, Nelson Bragg.
For more info on the bonus cd, check out the complete liner notes we wrote in the discography page (or just click here). Order it directly from us at the amazingly low price of $18.95. While supplies last!